About us

13primo is a service of 13PRIME

13primo is a service provided by 13PRIME in Louisville, Kentucky. 13PRIME is one of the most experienced web development agencies in the U.S.

Founded by Steve Brown and Keith Hall, 13PRIME was developed to take the experience they gained creating web solutions for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world and applying it to developing similar strategies for smaller organizations.

After years of creating and promoting custom websites for their clients, 13PRIME saw a clear need for a different kind of service offering.


“One of the things 13primo was designed to address was that, although many small businesses have the same identical web needs as a large business, it‘s sometimes difficult for them to come up with the up-front investment that a website requires. The other issue is that getting the site up is only half the battle. To really get the kind of ongoing sales and sales leads that you want to get, it takes ongoing work – a very specific kind of expertise. Clients don’t always realize that until after their site is up. The ones that do ‘get it’ are the ones that get the most successful results.”

Keith Hall
Managing Partner


“I think for small or even medium-sized organizations, all of the things a successful web strategy requires – SEO, hosting, revisions, updates – can get a little overwhelming. We’ve been doing this a long time. With 13primo, we can set up routines and procedures and have all the expertise in-house to make sure everything not only keeps working, but keeps getting better and better results.”

Steve Brown
Managing Partner


The reason we are able to structure 13primo the way we do – spreading out the cost over time – is that we tend to keep our clients for a long time. Maybe that’s because we’re reliable, easy to work with and hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism. But the main reason is that we insist on demonstrating the results of our work.

13PRIME will continue to offer the most sophisticated custom web solutions on the market. But for companies that fit the profile, 13primo is the solution that offers the easiest, most affordable and most effective road to success on the web.

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