How it works

We’ve designed 13primo to be a simple process – one that will have a minimal impact on your time and budget with a maximum impact on your sales.

13primo can be thought of as two phases. Phase one is getting your new site up and live as soon as possible. The second, ongoing phase is where we develop, promote, maintain and improve the site so that it is delivering new sales and sales leads on an ongoing basis.

Site Creation & Launch

The first phase is designing and building your site and getting it online.

Ongoing Site Development

Once your site is live, we focus on getting and maintaining the best possible results in terms of sales and sales leads.

  1. Initial Discovery Meeting – We meet with you to establish your needs and goals for the site.
  2. Content Gathering – Following the Discovery Meeting, we supply you with a short list of things we will need from you – text, pictures, etc. We’ll even give you a template to make the process quick and simple.
  3. Site Design & Development – We create for you a distinctive, professional web site that’s easy to navigate and  designed to attract visitors and convert them into regular customers.
  4. Site Optimization – Once your site is  built, we optimize with content and keywords to maximize the traffic from the main search engines.
  5. Testing – We test every click in every major browser. We the ask you to go through it carefully to make sure every word and picture are correct.
  6. Site Launch – When the site is ready, we move it to our live web server and you’re open for business!
  • Hosting – All web hosting is provided, including  maintenance, software updates, backups, etc.
  • Content Updates – Both search engines and regular visitors get easily bored. By making regular updates and revisions to your content, we keep them  returning in increasing numbers.
  • Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Optimization – Optimization is both a science and an art. We make regular adjustments to our ongoing optimization recipe to keep improving  the volume and quality of your site traffic and the number of visitors that are converted into customers.
  • Site Maintenance – Technologies change. Browsers change. Software requires updates. There is a host of things that are needed to keep a site up-to-date and in top operating condition. We manage all maintenance, software updates and license renewals so that everything keeps running the way it should.
  • Analysis & Reporting – We regularly analyze all aspects of site visitors’ behavior and site performance to find out how well the site is meeting objectives. We share this data with you in the form of regular monthly reports.
  • Test/Improve/Test Again – No matter how well we design a site, it can and should be improved over time. Based on our ongoing analysis, we run tests to see how best to improve performance and incorporate the new techniques into your site.


Very simply, we cover the bases by providing everything necessary for a small business to succeed on the web.

We’ve been building and promoting successful web strategies for a long time and we know what it takes to succeed. 13primo is the solution that provides it all and makes it affordable.

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