Packages & Pricing

Monthly Cost Goes Down Over Time

*Monthly cost during year 1
Monthly cost during year 2
Monthly cost after year 2
Package includes:

Services Package

Catalog Package

E-Commerce Package

Domain Registration and Management
Custom Site Design
Web Site Development
Mobile-friendly web site
Site Testing and Quality Assurance
Web Hosting
SEO, SEM & Web Optimization
Email Marketing
Site Performance Analysis      
Site Traffic and Activity Reports      
Site Maintenance and Software Updates      
Content Updates and Management    
Contact Email Management      
Online Product Catalog Database    
Product search    
Product detail pages  
Shopping cart  
Integration with most payment gateways  
Sales tax calculation  
Multiple shipping options  
Sales reports  

*Typical pricing, can vary depending on individual needs

Pricing Details

We’ve priced 13primo to make it easy and affordable. No massive up-front investment. The affordable monthly cost is spread evenly and allows you to spend less than you’re making from online sales and/or lead generation.

Our prices are designed to be simple, straightforward and go down over time:


Services Site Package

  • $975/month for year 1
  • $875/month for year 2
  • $785/month after 2nd year

Catalog Site Package

  • $1500/month for year 1
  • $1350/month for year 2
  • $1215/month after 2nd year

E-Commerce Site Package

  • $1850/month for year 1
  • $1665/month for year 2
  • $1500/month after 2nd year

At sign-up, you commit to at least a year. After the first year, you go to a month-to-month obligation. If, at anytime after that, you choose to cancel the agreement, you can do so. We will cancel any further charges other than what’s owed up to that point and, on request, we will provide you with file containing the data from your site.

We’ve simply priced 13primo the way we would like if we were the customer – simple, smart, and affordable. With more of the labor at the beginning, we’ve also put more of the risk on us. But we believe that once you start to see the results, you will be more than satisfied to stay with us for the long run.

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